The association " SUPERTRAIL DU BARLATAY " is constituted under the official statutes and registered according to the usual rules.


The association " SUPERTRAIL DU BARLATAY " proposes four routes in the middle of nature, using mostly mountain hiking trails of class T2/T3

The Ultra-Trail ® of Barlatay 104 Km /6400 m of ascent
The Barlatay Trail 50 Km / 2900 m of ascent
The Barlatay Discovery Trail 26 Km / 1300 m of ascent
The Barlatay Junior Challenge 11 Km / 450 m of ascent

The four courses will be run in one stage, at a free pace, but in a limited time.


Because we love nature, let's respect it! It is imperative to follow the paths as they are marked, without cutting the curves. Each participant agrees to respect the Eco Charter presented on our website. Any competitor found in violation will be immediately disqualified.


These races are open to any person, man or woman, having reached the age of 18 years for the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay and the Trail du Barlatay, 16 years for the Trail Découverte du Barlatay and 12 years for the Défi-Junior. Each participant commits to have sufficient training and to be in a state of health that allows him/her to participate in the event for which he/she is registered. The participation to the "SUPERTRAIL DU BARLATAY" implies the acceptance without reserve of the present rules and the ethics of the race.


By registering, each participant accepts that the organization has the right to use the images (photos and videos) taken during the race, on the course and on the festival site, for communication purposes within the framework of the activities of the "SUPERTRAIL DU BARLATAY" association.


Junior Challenge:

Girls from 12 to 16 2011 / 2007 Boys from 12 to 16 2011 / 2007

The patrol category does not exist for the Junior Challenge.

Trail Discovery :

Women Elite from 16 to 39 2007 / 1984 Men Elites from 16 to 39 2007 / 1984
Women I from 40 to 49 1983 / 1974 Men I from 40 to 49 1983 / 1974
Women II of 50 and more 1973 and under Men II of 50 and more 1973 and under
Patrol (free) 16 and over, a single classification

Ultra-Trail® du Barlatay and Trail du Barlatay

Elite Women from 18 to 39 2005 / 1984 Elite Men 18 à 39 2005 / 1984
Women I from 40 to 49 1983 / 1974 Men I from 40 to 49 1983 / 1974
Women II of 50 and more 1973 and under Men II of 50 and more 1973 and under
Patrol (free) 18 and over, a single classification

For each course, a classification will be established by category.

The "Patrol" categories are made up of two runners. Registration is possible for all three events. Each checkpoint must be passed by two runners (maximum distance of 10 meters). Only the arrival of the patrol, complete and together, will give rise to a classification!

Attention The use of a lanyard or a traction elastic is totally forbidden.


Registrations must be made via the Internet - barlatay.ch -or directly via the timekeeper's website - www.mso-chrono.ch and payment by credit card from February 1, 2023. For the Junior Challenge, registrations are made via the registration form available on the website Barlatay.ch This will be done until the Wednesday before the race day at midnight.

Race limited to 600 runners, on all timed courses. The entry fee includes all the services described in these rules. Registrations will be closed as soon as the total number of registrants is reached.


Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay 120 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Ultra-Trail ® of the Barlatay Team 210 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Trail of Barlatay 90 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Trail of Barlatay Team 160 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Discovery Trail of Barlatay 60 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Discovery Trail of the Barlatay Team 100 CHF 20 CHF surcharge for registration on site
Barlatay Junior Challenge 25 CHF 10 CHF surcharge for registration on site



Any cancellation of registration must be made in writing. Refunds of registration fees can only be made under the following conditions:

For all cancellation requests made :

Before July 1, 2023: 90% of the registration fees actually collected will be refunded
Before August 1, 2023: 50% of the registration fees actually collected will be refunded.
Beyond August 1, 2023: no refund

No exchange of race numbers is organized, the change of name is possible, free of charge, until Sunday August 1, 2023 at midnight, by mail to the timekeeper info@mso-chrono.ch.


Changes of course are possible until August 7, 2023 at midnight. This request must be made by email to the timekeeper info@mso-swiss.ch

If the change is to a shorter course, no refund will be made. If the change is to a longer course, the timekeeper will charge the difference. 


The withdrawal of the numbers will take place on Friday, August 11, 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the reception of the runners at l'Etivaz or the Saturday August 12, at the latest 1 hour before departure.

For the Barla'Kids and the Défi-Junior, please refer to the schedule on the dedicated page.

The bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must be visible at all times throughout the race. It must always be worn above any clothing and may not be attached to a bag or a leg under any circumstances. The name and logo of the partners must not be modified or hidden. A souvenir prize is given to each runner when he/she receives his/her number.


The control of the equipment will be done 30 minutes before each start in the closed area. Controls will be carried out on the course according to the request of the race leader

Mandatory on all courses (carried or in the bag)

  • Personal cup of 15 cl minimum (canister excluded)
  • Minimum water reserve of 1 liter.
  • Food reserve (energy bar, energy gel,...)
  • Cell phone in function during the whole event. Record in the directory the security number of the organization which will be communicated to you at the time of the delivery of the numbers.
  • Survival blanket size 210 cm x 130 cm
  • Waterproof jacket to withstand bad weather in the mountains.
  • Tights covering the entire leg ( ¾ with long socks covering the entire leg is accepted)
  • Headlamp in working order (except for the Discovery Trail)

The race leader reserves the right to modify the equipment according to the weather


Sticks are allowed. The participant who takes the sticks must keep them on the whole course.

  • Cap or bandana
  • For the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay, a spare headlamp (the night is long...)

Participants who wish to do so can leave their own supply bags, not exceeding 30 liters, when they pick up their number. The organizer will take them to the four official feeding stations. On each bag, the following information must be clearly visiblehe bib number and the destination (Les Diablerets - Les Mosses - Isenau - Place d'armes de L'Hongrin), this task is the responsibility of each runner.

A bag without this information will not be considered for transport.


The principle of individual racing in semi-self-sufficiency is the rule.

Four food and beverage stations are planned.

These positions are located:

  • In Les Diablerets
  • In Isenau
  • At Les Mosses
  • At the Place d'armes de L'Hongrin

At each official refreshment station, you will be able to buy water, broth, coca-cola, tea, energy drinks, bars, fruit, chocolate, cheese, dried meat, bread.

In case of necessity (e.g. heat waves) the organizing committee can provide other water points on the course.

No glass or cup will be provided at the refreshment posts, hence the obligation to carry a personal cup for the entire duration of the race. Wild refuelling, i.e. any refuelling of a competitor outside the official stations is strictly forbidden and will be eliminated.


Bicycles, mountain bikes or motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the course. Any individual personal assistance (team, coach, doctor or paramedic) is forbidden.

It is forbidden to run with a dog, even on a leash. It is also forbidden to be accompanied during the race by a non-registered person, except in the tolerance zones, i.e. 50 m before and after the refreshment posts (Les Diablerets, Isenau, Les Mosses, Place d'armes de L'Hongrin).

Persons who, for health reasons (disability), need to be assisted may be accompanied by a guide provided that this is reported to and authorized by the race management prior to registration (team@barlatay.ch).


The maximum running time is :

  • For the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay (Departure at 7pm) : 26h30
  • For the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay (Departure at 10pm): 11:30pm
    ATTENTION: Identical time barriers for the two departures of the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay!

ATTENTION: If a participant takes the 7pm start and arrives at a checkpoint that is still closed, he/she will have to wait for it to be opened on site.

Please choose the appropriate start for your trail level.

  • For the Trail du Barlatay: 16h30
  • For the Trail Découverte du Barlatay: 11h30
  • For the Défi-Junior du Barlatay : 4h

The cut-off times at the main checkpoints are available below but may be modified by the race leader for safety reasons.

A possibility will be offered to the competitors out of time on the course of the Ultra-Trail du Barlatay to finish the race on the course of the Trail du Barlatay without being able to be classified there. Any competitor wishing to continue the race after the deadline will only be able to do so after having returned his numberunder its own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

All participants are required to know the course, although the markings are provided by the organizer according to the usual standards.

The departures of the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay will be given at 19h00 and 22h00 (Friday, August 11, 2023) by the race leader from the festival site at l'Etivaz. Pay attention to time barriers (BH) which are the same for both starts of the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay !

  1. BH - Col du Pillon : 02h00
  2. BH - Les Diablerets : 03h30
  3. BH - Isenau : 08h30
  4. BH - Les Mosses : 12h30
  5. BH - La Gobalette (Cuizon): 2:00 pm
  6. BH - Military Plaza: 5:30 pm
  7. BH - Les Capises (Reloading): 7:30 pm
  8. BH - Arrival l'Etivaz : 21h30

The start of the Trail du Barlatay will be given at 05h00 by the race leader from the party place in l'Etivaz.

  1. BH - Isenau : 10h30
  2. BH - La Lé (Les Semillets): 11:30 am
  3. BH - Les Mosses : 16h30
  4. BH - Arrival l'Etivaz : 21h30

The start of the Trail Découverte du Barlatay will be given at 10:00 am by the race leader from the party place in l'Etivaz.

  1. BH - Les Charmilles: 1:00 pm
  2. BH - Les Mosses : 16h30
  3. BH - Arrival l'Etivaz : 21h30

The start of the Défi-Junior du Barlatay will be given at 1:15 pm by a representative of the committee from the Nordic center of Les Mosses.

The runners of the Ultra-Trail ® and Trail are required to attend the departure briefing which will be given in videoconference according to the established program.


In case of withdrawal not due to injury, the competitor must inform the person in charge of the nearest refreshment post or control and give him his number. He will have to return to Etivaz by his own means. When the refreshment posts are closed, the organization can, within the limits of the available means, repatriate the runners who have abandoned and are still present at the post.

For the Junior Challenge, in case of abandonment, the runner has the obligation to stop at the nearest checkpoint.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions justifying the partial or total stop of the race, the organization ensures the repatriation of the stopped runners as soon as possible, from the refreshment posts.


Safety posts will be set up at several points along the course. These posts will be in radio contact with the race headquarters. Health teams will be present throughout the race at the refreshment posts. They will be able to intervene on the course within a reasonable time and with, if necessary, helicopter means.

If you need medical assistance outside of the refreshment stand, call the organization's security number (noted on the race numbers). The organization will take all necessary measures in case of intervention. The medical staff will be authorized to withdraw the number and to put out of the race any competitor unfit to continue the event.

All four events are supervised by emergency professionals and specially trained staff.

Every competitor is obliged to assist other runners in case of need.


No cash prizes will be distributed. A souvenir prize will be given to each participant as well as a good meal after the race.


Each course has its own colors:

Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay  Yellow and black, for directional arrows and numbers
Trail of Barlatay Red and white, for directional arrows and numbers
Discovery Trail / Junior Challenge Blue and white, for directional arrows and numbers

All the courses are identically marked, i.e. :

  • By fluorescent orange beacons.

Competitors refusing to comply with these rules will be penalized, in particular for (non-exhaustive list):

Absence of a bib  disqualified
Falsification of bib number disqualified
Cheating (e.g. use of a means of transport, sharing of race numbers, unauthorized provisioning) disqualified
Pollution or degradation of the sites crossed disqualified (cutting the paths, throwing garbage) disqualified
Refusal to be examined by health personnel disqualified
Any competitor caught in the act of doping disqualified
Refusal to comply with a directional order disqualified
Non assistance to a person in danger disqualified
Failure to check in at checkpoints at the discretion of the committee
Missing personal material at a flying control 1 hour penalty
Proven dangerous attitude 1 hour penalty

The organization reserves the right to apply a penalty after the event. Penalties are not subject to appeal.


Any person wishing to make a complaint must do so in writing to the Race Committee within a maximum of 2 hours after arrival and against payment of CHF 100.


Civil liability

The organizer takes out civil liability insurance for the duration of the event. This liability insurance covers the financial consequences of its responsibility, that of its employees and participants.

Personal accident insurance

Each competitor must be in possession of personal accident insurance covering any search and rescue costs. Such insurance can be taken out with any organization of the competitor's choice.

Please note: Helicopter evacuations in Switzerland are subject to a charge to the evacuee


The organization reserves the right:

  • To modify at any time the courses, without notice for safety reasons.
  • The time barriers can also be modified for the safety of the runners and the race marshals.
  • Races may be cancelled in case of bad weather

All these decisions are made by the chief of race and the chief of security. No dispute or complaint will be taken into consideration on points that affect the safety of the runners and the race marshals.


If the conditions require it, the organization has the right to interrupt or cancel the event. Such a decision does not entitle the participant to a refund of the registration fee. In case of cancellation due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the organization will reimburse the full registration fee minus the bank charges.

A change of course "downwards" does not entitle the student to a refund of the difference in the registration fee. Conversely, a change of course "upwards" will result in the billing of this difference.


Any participant who has completed the entire course within the time limit will be awarded ITRA points, as follows

  • 5 ITRA points for the Ultra-Trail ® du Barlatay
  • 3 ITRA points for the Trail du Barlatay
  • 1 ITRA point for the Trail Découverte du Barlatay

Regulation update, January 18, 2023