August 14th weather update

Aug 14, 2022 | News

We were waiting for it, here it is!

According to various weather models, the end of the heat wave and part of the drought should end this week.
Indeed, we should have an unstable atmosphere this week with precipitation on Monday.
Then, a more marked deterioration on Wednesday and Thursday should bring accumulations in the order of 20 to
A rather dry Friday and Saturday.

As for the temperatures, it is the fall, with day-night differences clearly less marked, 3-4° max,
with minimums at 1500 of 9° and 13° maximum.

The winds will be rather weak, from west to south.

Be careful for the next part to plan your equipment accordingly!

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The Barlatay Supertrail in pictures

The Barlatay Supertrail in pictures

The last runner of the Ultra-Trail du Barlatay has crossed the finish line! A big bravo to all the runners. We are already looking forward to seeing you next year!

Vertical of the Tzams

Vertical of the Tzams

The year 2021 is made to satisfy a maximum of runners!
Our TWO free access courses were so successful last year that the committee decided to do it again!


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