Weather forecast for August 12, 2023

Aug 12, 2023 | News

Saturday 12, moisture rising from the SW could bring a few drops on the
between 9 and 12 a.m. in the Pays d'En-Haut, les Ormonts region
This humidity combined with the heat will lead to the formation of cumulus clouds, as well as
showers, even thunderstorms at the end of the day, early evening, everyone should be heading home.
As a result, the sun won't be as strong on the course, which isn't bad for running!
Temperatures will be in the order of the following values:
1000m: minimum 15° maximum 22°.

1500m: minimum 12°, maximum 19°.

2000m min. 10° max. 14

2500m: min 9°, max 13°.

The wind will be westerly 30kmh at 1500m, 35kmh at 2000, 45kmh at 2500m, this being
maximum gust values
Isothermal 4200m
Sunrise at 6.27am, sunset at 8.47pm.

Opening of the registrations

Opening of the registrations

Registration is now open for all the Barlatay trails. Are you motivated? Then register now!

This year we're offering 4 different courses from 15K to 75K, as well as the Junior Challenge and the Barla'kids for the younger ones. If you're looking for a new challenge this summer, now's your chance!

The SuperTrail du Barlatay in pictures

The SuperTrail du Barlatay in pictures

Many of you have asked us for photos of the current edition. Here are a few taken by our volunteer photographers Eric Weissert, Adrian Cozma and Sarah Bach.


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