Ultra-Trail® du Barlatay - 104K - CANCELLED

Mar 14, 2023 | News

Sad news on this Tuesday, March 14!

Due to several imperative constraints, Le Barlatay has no choice, its 104km Ultra-Trail® is cancelled for this 2023 edition. 
This cancellation (only the 104km) is totally independent of the will of the committee in place. Despite our efforts, no solution has been found for this edition.

Nevertheless, we maintain the two routes 50km and 26km as well as the routes for the Kids. Those who have already registered will be contacted personally.

Registration for the Trail du Barlatay (50K) and the Trail Découverte du Barlatay (26K) will remain open until April 1st.

Opening of the registrations

Opening of the registrations

That's it, the registration for the Ultra-Trail® du Barlatay is open. Don't wait and show us that we did the right thing by keeping this 104km distance!


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